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Student Site Council (SSC)


The School Site Council is comprised of parents/community members, teachers, staff, students, and administration. The group makes financial decisions for the school and is reflected in the annual Site Plan for Student Achievement. They also help plan activities and events and give feedback on the quality of our programs. The same members serve for the entire school year and typically attend one meeting per month for approximately one hour. 


The purpose of the School Site Council is to:

  • Develop the Single Plan for Student Achievement
  • Carry out other legislative requirements
  • Discuss issues and programs
  • Make decisions regarding categorical funding
  • Improve communication between families and school
  • Develop leadership
  • Share information and educate the group
  • Improve overall organizational productivity and effectiveness of the school
  • Become more informed about categorical programs

MEETINGS 2021-2022

To Be Announced

SSC MEMBERS 2021-2022

To Be Announced

If interested, please contact Mr. Woods.