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 Name  Position  Email
 Amalong, Courtney  Science-7
 Arnold, Krystal  AVID-6/Computer Science/Yearbook
 Atkinson, Geni        Math-6 & 8

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 Name  Position  Email
 Bagley, Joseph  SPED
 Baker, Dave  Physical Education
 Binning, Eileen  Language Arts-6/History-6
 Bond, Martha  Instructional Assistant, ILS
 Borba, Elaine  Instructional Assistant, RSP
 Bost, Erik  Math-7
 Boynton, Todd  Physical Education
 Brown, Nathan  Music

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 Name  Position  Email
 Chandler, Jennifer  History-7  
 Coleman, Lucy  Science-8
 Constantine, Melanie  PE / LA Intervention
 Rochelle Christopherson  Instructional Aide
 Cummings, Carol  Food Services Lead
 Cuneo, Diane  Food Services
 Cygan, Cindy  History- 7/8
 Cygan, Kent  Math-6

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 Name  Position  Email
 Davenport, April  Physical Education
 Drahos, Theresa  Instructional Aide
 Duarte, Danielle  Language Arts-7 / Drama

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 Name  Position  Email
 Ford, Gina  Science-7/AVID-8/Leadership

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 Name  Position  Email
 Getz, Pamela  Speech and Language Pathologist
 Giorgi, Janice  School Psychologist

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 Name  Position  Email
 Hard, Jennifer  SDC
 Hollis, Wendy  Counselor
 Houck, Jim  Custodian Lead, Day

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 Name  Position  Email
 Jensen, Traci  History-8
 Johnson, Pam  Language Arts-8 / ELA Intervention

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 Name  Position  Email
 Kelly, Casandra  Clerk
 Kight, Ann      Science-6

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 Name  Position  Email

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 Name  Position  Email
 Masys, Mary Jane  Language Arts-8
 McKay, Chris  Science-6/Digital Art
 McKinney, Dawn  Language Arts-6/History-6
 Miller-Valerga, Helene  SPED
 Mosbacher, Laura  Science-8 / AVID 7

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 Name  Position  Email
 O'Malley, Danielle
 Language Arts-7

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 Name  Position  Email
 Petersen, Marcie  Secretary
 Pfitzer, Catherine  Resource Specialist
 Prettyman-Pope, Melissa  Resource Specialist

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 Name  Position  Email
 Repec, Julie  Food Services

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 Name  Position  Email
 Simpson, Dawn
 Paraprofessional, SDC
 Sousa, Deanna  Clerk II
 Stone, Sheri  Art

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 Name  Position  Email

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 Name  Position  Email
 Volmer, Ben         Math-8

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 Name  Position  Email
 Young, Lori   Math-6/7

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 Name  Position  Email
 Weber, Mark     
 Willis, Cyndie  SPED
 Woods, Randy      Principal