The election is for 3 student body officer positions.  President, Vice President/Secretary, and Treasurer.  
  • Voting will be done electronically starting Thursday afternoon, August 22nd, and will close on Friday August 23rd at 8pm.  
  • You are only allowed one vote, so make sure you choose who you think is the best candidate.  
    • The candidate with the most votes gets to choose their position and this process continues until all 3 officer positions are filled  


Here are your candidates...
Avery Manning - video
Emely Sanchez - video
Jordan Turner - video
Josie Young - SOME DECISIONS IN LIFE ARE Just. That. Easy.  Vote Josie Young for officer.  She will put a smile on your face and say "hello" to you walking by!
Kylie Linthicum - video
Samantha Salva - Hello, my name is Samantha Salva and I'm running to be 1 out of the 3 officers.  I want to help make our school welcoming and a place you're excited to go to.  I hope you can make amazing memories and achieve great accomplishments.  
Tola Spencer - video