PurposeTop of Page

The purpose of the School Site Council is to:

  • Develop the Single Plan for Student Achievement
  • Carry out other legislative requirements
  • Discuss issues and programs
  • Make decisions regarding categorical funding
  • Improve communication between families and school
  • Develop leadership
  • Share information and educate the group
  • Improve overall organizational productivity and effectiveness of the school
  • Become more informed about categorical programs

Meetings 2015-2016Top of Page

To Be Announced~

SSC Members 2014-2015Top of Page

To Be Announced in September, 2015

If interested, please contact Mr. Woods. 

The School Site Council is comprised of parents/community members, teachers, staff, students, and administration.  The same members serve for the entire school year and typically attend one meeting per month for approximately one hour.