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The District Nurse serves TBMS students on a scheduled basis.  A nursing assistant is also available to assist students.  Health services at TBMS include vision, hearing and scoliosis screening.  Students who are feeling ill may request a pass from their regular teacher to the office for attention.  Students may not leave campus unless a parent or other adult named on their emergency card arrives in the office with proper identification and with parental permission to sign the student out. 


Students may not carry prescription medication at school unless they have a signed note on file in the office from a doctor that states that carrying such medication is necessary for the health of the child.  This includes asthma inhalers.  Students may not carry non-prescription medication (such as aspirin, Tylenol, etc.) on their person or in their purses or backpacks at any time. 

All prescription and non-prescription medication requires that parents and the physician complete a medical authorization form, which is then kept in the nurse's office.  Medication must be kept in its original container with complete instructions in a locked cabinet in the nurse's office, and will be dispensed by school personnel to the student as directed by the doctor's orders.  The school cannot administer any medication without a completed medical authorization form.

An application for optional student insurance is sent home to each student at the beginning of the year.  Students participating in after-school sports programs must carry some form of accident insurance and be able to offer proof of said insurance to the school.

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Please refer to the WPUSD Parent Resources webpage for health forms.

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